Square Valley Trail-Blazers

Effectively Immediately

C4 is Closed from Rt. 11 (the Railroad Bed in Central Square) to OSWE 4

(Co Rt. 12 where trail crosses on I-81 Bridge)

C5 is Closed from Wagner Road (Mallory) to St. Rt. 69 (Parish) and from

Co. Rt. 26 to Kipp Rd (the first road crossing north of the Grist Mill). 

National Grid has advised us that effective immediately Land Owner Permission has been temporarily revoked for the above.

National Grid advised this is due to Power Line Construction and removal and permission will be reinstated once the project has been completed.

SVTB has been in discussions with all parties involved, attempting to keep areas open that are not being worked on, closing sections as the Crews move through the various areas, but at this time these discussions have not been completed.

We hope to have some type of agreement in place soon, but there is no guarantee.

We are in the process of removing all Trail Signage from the above.

Although temporary, be advised that until further notice, the above areas are no longer considered a Snowmobile Trail and there will be no signage or maintenance, and snowmobiling in these areas will be considered as Trespassing.

Trespassing has the potential to turn a temporary closure into a permanent closure.