​​​​​​​​Section 3  (S-59 from the Gristmill to C-5 north to Happy Valley)
Last Groomed on: FEB 20 Early Morning, Condition FAIR: 

​​​​Section 4  (Happy Valley C-5, S40, S41)
Last Groomed on: FEB 20, Early Evening: Condition FAIR: 

5:30 p.m.  21 Feb: Trails are OPEN and in FAIR Conditions. 

Everything has been groomed and very ridable, but thin by our normal standards

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​ ​​​​​​Section 1  (C-4 from Bell Rd. to Depot Rd. C-5 from Central Sq. to Co. Rt. 32 Mallory)
Last Groomed on: Feb 20 Late Afternoon:  Condition FAIR: 

​​​​​​​Section 2  (S-59 from the Gristmill to C-5 south to Co. Rt. 32 Mallory to Irish Jacks)
Last Groomed on: FEB 20, Late Afternoon:  Condition FAIR:   

​​​​​Section 5  (C-4 from Stone Hill Rd. to Co. Rt. 17 (Panther Lake) and S46 to Jamieson Corners)
Last Groomed on: Feb 20 Early Evening  Condition FAIR: 

Square Valley Trail-Blazers